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Posted by Tori on May 22, 2012 in family., worship wednesday.

This week has been the kind that is rare around here.

It started Saturday. We drove up to Columbia to see William’s family and to drop Ayden off with his great-grandmother for a few days! He has the best times with his Mamaw and Papa! I got a text on the way from my dear friend, Ruth. I love her to pieces. She does a great job encouraging me and keeping me focused on what really matters. William, the girls, and I met up with her at CIU for a visit. Not only was it great and refreshing to see her, but it was so fun to do it in that place where we met and shared so many memories. As we were heading back to the interstate, we spotted one of our former professors taking a jog. It made my heart so full. I am so thankful to the Lord for all the work He did in me in that place.

Then, on Sunday, William left for Atlanta. We had a great time together before he left that afternoon — just us and the baby ladies, as I like to call them! After we dropped him off to meet his ride, the baby ladies and I hit up Target and the grocery store for a few things we would need this week. Then, home. I had made a project list of organizing jobs that needed to be done around the house and I was excited to get started!


That night, I had the worst time getting to sleep. Mainly because I was in that big ‘ole bed all by myself (the dog doesn’t count). Talked to William early the next morning and found out he didn’t sleep well either. We were just meant to be together. Neither one of us likes being apart.

It’s Tuesday now, and I have caught up on my cleaning, completely organized Ayden’s room, our room, my desk area, and our closet! It feels so good to know that all 5 of us will come home next Tuesday together…and that we will know where everything is and have a clean house to dirty up!


Oh, and be sure to come back tomorrow for a new weekly link up I’m introducing with Mrs. Pate Writes! You will be blessed, I know it!!

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