completely loved.

Posted by Tori on Dec 12, 2011 in a good word.

I’m having a real sense of the Lord’s complete love for me tonight…showing up in so many different things. His love is so undeserved, yet so perfect and complete and constant. It really is intoxicating. It rushes in when I am not looking for it and catches me unaware. It is there, strong and steady, through my sad times, my mad times, my quiet times, my loud times, my happy times, my alone times, my impatient times…all the time. It comforts me when no one else can. It covers my sin and makes me holy. It calms my anxious heart. It restores my joy. It reminds me of what really matters. It shows me my sin. It shows me great grace. His love is all over me. Lord, thank you for this crazy love. Teach me to love you well and to love others well. You alone are worthy.

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