laundry and linens.

Posted by Tori on Oct 25, 2011 in family.

We usually spend Mondays at home catching up on housework and getting ready for whatever the week hold. This morning began with one of my favorite treats! Oreos and coffee were meant to be together!!



Recently, we removed the baby gates going into our kitchen and dining rooms. We have enjoyed having it this way, but of course, it gives Ayden a lot more freedom. I heard something going on and then it got a little to quiet in there. I came in just in time to find Ayden with my chewing gum! He had climbed a dining room chair and grabbed my Bible study bag that was sitting on the table and helped himself to a new treat…what a silly, curious boy!




Once the laundry had begun, I brought a load down to fold. Ayden loves to help out!




Then, Ayden enjoyed his favorite lunch: peanut butter and apples!!



…which clearly tuckered him out…


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