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Posted by Tori on Apr 16, 2012 in a good word., thankful heart.

A sick day. We all need one of these every once in a while. It’s nearly impossible to take one when you’re the mother of small children…but today, I did nonetheless. Yes, I was actually feeling bad, but today my entire focus shifted. The meals were sill served, the loads of laundry still got washed, and the floors were still mopped and vacuumed. But the sense of urgency, the rushing, and the pressure to get it all done was gone. And, I thought, “I should have days like this more often.”

I napped when the kids napped and woke feeling refreshed (and also a bit confused about what day of the week it was…). I took extra time just to play and snuggle with each one of the babies. I took extra time to just soak in all of His love and extreme grace over us. Yet, everything still got done. It’s like the day played out before me in slow motion – and now as everyone is tucked in their beds, I’m remembering it and treasuring it – because it was about what really matters.

We didn’t do it all perfect, but it was honest; laid before Him as an offering and an invitation for Him to be in the middle of it all doing His thing in us. Everyday should be like that. But it’s not. Why? For me, I think it’s because I’m too afraid to let go – too afraid to not really care if my plans for the day ever really happen.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s good to plan. I’m a planner. But He is a better one. I trust Him way more than I trust myself. So, as I lay down tonight, I’m asking Him to remind me in the morning about this truth. So that tomorrow will be just as profound and lived out of gratitude for all He is. Praying your day is nothing less.

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