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Sometimes I find it difficult to blog or update people on what is happening with our family because much of what we do seems so mundane to me. I want to try to take at least one photo everyday of something that we are doing…no matter how simple or mundane it seems. I don’t take enough pictures of my sweet ones so this will give me a reason to whip out the camera!

So here goes…we had a very normal day at home today. Mondays we don’t usually get out unless we plan something special….or unless we run out of formula…which is exactly what happened! I try to always stock up and plan ahead, but when I woke up I realized that I didn’t have enough to make it through the day. So, we loaded up the crew and headed to Target. I’m sure I was a spectacle pushing a double stroller down the aisles with Ayden on my hip! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I don’t have a picture of this! We were successful in our quest, but I hope I don’t have to make a trip like that again.

Later in the evening when I was getting the girls ready for bed, Ayden was asking for some more milk. Since I was occupied I told him to ask William to get him some more. We are working with him to automatically say please and thank you when he asks for something. He took his cup over to William, held it up and said, “More.” William replied with, “What do you say?” Ayden was so confused an said, “More?!” We went back and forth like this a few times. Finally, William said, one last time, “How do you ask?” Ayden put his palms up, shrugged his shoulders, and said, “Ask?” It was the most precious thing. We laughed and told him to say, “Please!” Then he figured out what we were after and said, “Please!” and “Thank you!” once he had gotten his milk. One day it will click. He is so cute and sweet. He tries so hard to be polite. We are so incredibly proud of how he’s growing.


So there is is…a little snapshot into our world.

Thanks, Lord, for these three sweet miracles! We love them so much, but we remember they are yours…and so are we!

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